golden rays of sunshine on the window
crystal drops of rain on the leaves
flower beds, the birds, and the bees
faint smell of lavender and mint

a purple mug of steaming coffee
cushion and blanket and feet on the settee
an open book, a turquoise pen, some paper
the feline princess curled on your lap

the wave of a neighbor or a stranger passing by
a baby on a stroller basking in the sun
laughter, giggles, questions and wonder
little ones’ faces smeared with ice cream

a phone call from a long-forgotten dream
a love that creeps through quiet ways
a memory to make, a memory to keep
a love you are ever happy to give

image credit: best wallpaper

Most of the time we tend to dismiss the ordinary, a thing so quiet it is so easy to miss. When we come to think of it, it is the ordinary that calls for much commitment. And, sometimes, through our committed encounter with the ordinary, there the extraordinary eventually finds its way to bloom.

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